Wed Apr 25 2018 12:34 pm
    I moved my flame war subs to their own Category in the message area, called

    The idea is that everyone is anonymous, so you can't really take anything
    personal. Just have fun and follow the "theme" of the sub, be it only posting
    in Limericks, Haikus or in the newest all must start with Roses are Read.
    Poetry is fun!

    Just try to keep it fun, irony and sarcasm are welcome... blatent homophobic or
    ethnic slurs are not.

  • BBS was down for a little while today...
    Sat Apr 21 2018 01:26 am
    Sorry folks - my router flipped out some time Thursday night and I had to
    reconfigure the port forwarding rules. Everything should be back to normal now.
    Sorry for the downtime!


  • Door server games now color coded
    Tue Mar 20 2018 02:52 pm
    I'm working on getting rid of some of the local games and offloading some of
    them to door server counterparts. My reasoning behind this is some of my games
    are just base installs and aren't busy anyway. I'd rather have those go to a
    game server where activity would be greater and the experience would be better
    than the same game here.

    I kept local installs of games that I've personally registered, customized or
    have addons that aren't on the game servers. Also, some games just aren't on
    the game servers - as hard as that is to beleive with the amount of games that
    are on Door Party. lol

    I decided to add some of the more popular ones to the door menu as separate
    options - instead of just putting a link to the Door Party remote menu. To make
    this a little more clear, I've color coded games that are on a Door server:

    Yellow = BBSLink
    Purple = Door Party
    Light Grey = Local

  • Working on the menus some more..
    Fri Mar 16 2018 04:56 pm
    Sorry if things start behaving a little wonky - I'm working on the menus and
    whatnot :)

  • Cap Shrill may be offline this weekend!
    Thu Jan 21 2016 11:54 pm
    Due to the major storm it's entirely possible I'll lose power at some point
    this weekend - in which case my board may be unreachable for a few days. I'll
    be coming back asap though. :)